Woman shares no-scrub kettle cleaning hack involving a humble fruit

A woman has shared a simple, natural hack for cleaning your kettle. (Getty Images)
A woman has shared a simple, natural hack for cleaning your kettle. (Getty Images)

Cleaning the kettle is one of those chores that regularly slips down the to-do list.

Endlessly scrubbing away at stubborn limescale for very little result is not the ideal way to spend your weekend, but sadly unless you like your cuppa laced with flakes it has to be done.

Thankfully, one woman has shared a simple and natural way of effectively cleaning your kettle, with zero scrubbing required.

What's more, it uses a humble fruit you'll likely already have at home.

Sidestepping chemical-laden products and bleach, the woman, who calls herself Mama_Mila_ on TikTok, instead uses slices of lemon to act as a natural cleaner and deodoriser.

"This is the natural, no-scrub way to rid kettle limescale," she captioned the demonstration clip on the video-sharing platform.

Her easy cleaning tactic simply involves filling the kettle with water and adding a sliced lemon.

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Once you have added the lemon, Mama_Mila_ explains that you should then boil the kettle twice and keep the hot water in the kettle for 30 minutes before draining.

She then suggests rinsing out the kettle with water and standing back to admire your limescale-free appliance.

A before and after glimpse at the kettle reveals the lemon trick managed to shift stains and pesky limescale build-up leaving it gleaming inside.

After she shared the simple trick, TikTok users flocked to the comments to thank Mama_Mila_ for revealing her no-scrub method.

"I just did this to my kettle. Amazing result. Thank you," one impressed fan wrote.

"This really works, thanks," another added.

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According to cleaning expert, Heather Barrigan from MyJobQuote, the hack works so well because the acidity in lemons helps to break down limescale build-up.

"Lemons are one of the best natural cleaning products and especially useful for cleaning limescale off your kettle," she explains.

"This is because lemons contain an adequate level of citric acid, and also have excellent antibacterial benefits which will not only keep your kettle smelling fresh but will also remove any unwanted dirt and germs."

Barrigan says you can also use lemons to remove stains from your kitchen countertops.

"All you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice onto the worktop and leave it for around five minutes before wiping it away with a cloth," she adds.

"On stubborn stains, you should scrub the area with baking soda and lemons which will remove the stain in seconds."

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According to Nadeem Abbas, director Love2Laundry, lemon juice can also be used to clean other areas of your home, anywhere limescale is likely to build up, including in the bathroom, tap fixtures and even the washing machine.

"Regularly descaling your washing machine will help it last longer and leave your clothes feeling and smelling fresher," Abbas adds.

"To descale your washing machine with lemon juice, add 240ml lemon juice to the drum and run it on a long, hot wash. This will break down mineral residue and remove odours."

This isn't the only natural cleaning hack people have been sharing of late. Last month a TikTok user shared a simple trick for helping to rid baking trays of ground-in dirt using simple store cupboard staples.

The method involves sprinkling bicarbonate of soda into the baking tray, then dousing it with white vinegar.

Although the trick isn't totally scrub-free, the use of baking powder does make a big difference in helping loosen those stubborn stains on the bottom of the tray.

We also recently learnt about the clever way of avoiding kitchen spills while pouring liquids from a bowl to a pan, or vice versa.

And back in August we learned of a solution to the problem of cleaning stained tuppaware.

We were also impressed when a woman shared a clever trick for disposing of hot grease without pouring it down the drain.

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