Pensioners perform their own Christmas song in care home


Two pensioners who performed their own Christmas song in their care home hope it will bring comfort and joy to others.

Pearl Medd, 93, wrote and sang the lyrics for Remember The Ancient Song while 103-year-old pianist Margaret Warburton performed the melody from The Holly And The Ivy.

They performed their song at their care home in Halstead in Essex.

Ms Medd, who used to work in a jewellery shop, said she was inspired to write the song while reflecting in the last year while in lockdown.

She said: “I have a strong faith and I love to sing, which is why I decided to write the song.

“I hope that it will provide comfort and joy to everyone after this challenging year.

“We had great fun practising and recording our music video – I think our band was a hit!”

Ms Warburton, a classically trained pianist, used to serve as an officer of The Salvation Army before working in the telegraph office for the Post Office.

She said: “I was thrilled to provide the music to accompany Pearl’s wonderful song writing, and The Holly And The Ivy was the perfect fit.

“Our performance and video were a huge success, and who knows, maybe next year we could release it for next year’s Christmas number one!”

Razvan Stanbeca, home manager at Care UK’s Colne View care home, said: “We were honoured to be the first audience for Pearl and Margaret’s song, and it was really exciting setting up the camera and helping them to record their music video.

“Here at Colne View, we actively encourage residents to continue their hobbies and lead fulfilling lives.

“Whether that’s playing piano each day, or forming a new girl band, we’re always there to support residents – the sky really is the limit!”