The areas in the UK that saw DUI offence increase despite lockdowns

The City of London, Humberside and Wiltshire all saw the number of incidents involving driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase in 2020.

This is despite national lockdowns resulting in the number of cars on the road decreasing drastically.

Data uncovered from Freedom of Information requests found Humberside saw an 131 per cent increase in DUI incidents in 2020 compared with 2019, going from 45 in 2019 to 104 in 2020, up to the end of November.

  1. Humberside - 131 per cent

  2. City of London - 25 per cent

  3. Wiltshire - 5 per cent

Meanwhile, the City of London saw an increase of 25 per cent, going from 134 to 167, while Wiltshire went up five per cent, from 1,207 to 1,262.The monthly average across the UK dropped from 2,970 to 2,772, but May, June, July and August all saw an increase on 2019’s figures.

Merseyside saw the biggest monthly average increase, going from 273 in 2019 to 283 in 2020. Devon and Cornwall was next (195 to 199) followed by Sussex (178 to 189).

James Hind, CEO of car buying comparison site, which sourced the data, said: “One of the reasons we have seen an increase in some areas could be because people have become chancers; they might think that because the roads are quiet they will be able to get away with having a drink or two and getting behind the wheel.

“This way of thinking is absolutely unacceptable and could cost lives. No matter how ‘fine’ you feel after a pint, there is absolutely no circumstance wherein you should get behind the wheel after drinking. Always have a designated driver, especially at this time of year.”