US man throws himself to supermarket floor in bizarre tantrum when asked to wear face mask

Staff writer

A man in Lantana, Florida was spotted lying on the floor of Costco in protest after he was asked to wear a face mask on December 20.

A couple of local sheriffs are seen asking the maskless man to get up and leave the store.

The filmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Newsflare: "He said he would sue Costco and the police if they touched him.

"He was shopping without a mask I assume he put one on to enter and then took it off while inside but I don't about that.

"He got up because the officer allowed him to pay for his stuff and leave, so he got up and paid for his stuff at the self check out then the officer escorted him out.

"Outside the manager was arguing with an officer that they should have not let him pay for his stuff."

The filmer also added that he was lying to on the floor for about "8 to 10 minutes".

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