This tiny cave in California leads to a 'breathtaking' hidden beach at low tide

Story and video by Newsflare

A day-tripper went exploring the coast near San Diego, California and managed to discover a tiny hidden cave that leads to a paradise-looking cove.

The footage captured on July 30 shows how the entrance to the cave is obscured and oblique but upon further inspection, the filmer exposes a tunnel that leads to a private beach with a halo roof.

The filmer explained: "My family and I went to Cabrillo tide pools in San Diego, California back in July of 2020.

"My mother and sister stayed on the top side of the cliffs.

"I made my descent down and decided to start recording so I could show them everything I came across.

"After around six minutes of exploring the coast, I came to a small slit cave at the base of the cliff.

"I climbed through and found one of the most breathtaking scenes I've come across in all my travels.

"A halo roof sea cave stretching over 100 foot in the air with three additional caves looking out to the Pacific.

"I realised I was there during low tide and before long the Pacific would fill this seaside oasis so I took one last deep breath, absorbed as much of my surroundings as I could and departed back to meet up with my family and show them what they had missed!"