Alternators were the most common car fault in 2020


Alternators were the most unreliable car part in 2020, causing more warranty claims than any other.

New data from car dealer warranty provider Händler Protect showed these parts failed on vehicles with an average of 100,000 miles and nine years old.

  1. Alternator

  2. Injectors

  3. Water pump

  4. Air flow sensor

  5. Turbocharger

The top 10 list showed a wide variety of part failures, including electrical and mechanical, as well as vital areas such as the starting systems and brakes.

Alternators were followed by injectors, water pumps, air flow sensors and turbochargers.

Lloyd O’Connor, chief executive of Händler Protect, said: “This list of the most claimed for items we’ve seen in 2020 proves the importance of having a good warranty in place from the beginning of a customer’s ownership with a provider you can rely on to pay out when you need it.

“All of these items would have caused major headaches for our dealers, had they not been able to contact us and organise a repair for their customer.”

Händler Protect says the average age of vehicles that needed parts was between seven and 10 years old. The average mileage of the cars that had failed parts in the top 10 were (was?) between 67,000 and 100,000 miles.

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