Bentley produces first new Blower model in 90 years


Bentley has completed its first prototype Blower Continuation model, marking the first new Blower built since 1930.

Made up of close to 2,000 individually designed and hand-crafted parts, some 40,000 hours have been spent in the design and creation of ‘Car Zero’. Entirely handcrafted, the recreation Blower was made using original drawings and tooling.

Bentley Blower
Bentley Blower

The creation of the new Blower was helped through data provided by a laser-scanned 3D model of Bentley’s own 1929 4 ½ litre supercharged car.

The continuation car’s engine was created at the firm’s test facility which has been in the same location since 1938. The testing cells there were originally used to run-in the Merlin V12 aero-engines used in Spitfire and Hurricane fighters of the Second World War.

Craftmanship and dedication. Bentley #Mulliner has now completed Car Zero – the first new Bentley #Blower in 90 years, and the prototype for the Blower Continuation Series.

— Bentley Motors (@BentleyMotors) December 9, 2020

A number of the original Merlin testbed fixtures have been used to adapt an existing testbed in order to accommodate the continuation’s large engine.

‘Car Zero’ will now begin extensive testing to ensure its durability while also making a run to the car’s top speed.

A run of 12 customer cars is set to follow, with all models pre-sold and already specified by their new owners.

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