What the papers say – December 9

The start of the UK’s mass Covid-19 vaccination programme features on many front pages on Wednesday, along with continuing discussion over Brexit.

The Daily Mirror, like many other papers, features a picture of Margaret Keenan, the first person to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech jab outside clinical trials with the headline “One down… 54m to go”.

The Daily Express says it was “one small jab for Maggie … one giant leap for all of us”.

While the DailyMail refers to “V-Day Heroes” who have urged others to be vaccinated “for the good of the country”.

Metro reports on the emotions of so-called V-Day, with cheers in hospital and tears from Health Secretary Matt Hancock on TV.

The Daily Telegraph also leads on Covid-19, reporting a warning masks may be needed until next winter.

Away from the jab, and TheTimes leads on a “last ditch push” for a Brexit deal as Boris Johnson meets the EU president in Brussels.

The Guardian says the future of Britain’s relationship with the EU hinges on a dinner between the two leaders, while the i calls it a “showdown”.

The Financial Times says the UK will drop tariffs imposed on US goods as part of an effort to resolve a transatlantic trade dispute.

The Independent says Britons must change how they live to meet emissions targets.

And the Daily Star reports aliens made contact with outgoing US president Donald Trump.