Nigella Lawson's pronunciation of 'microwave' leaves viewers bemused


Watch: Nigella Lawson pronounce the word microwave

Nigella Lawson has revealed she has her very own special way of pronouncing microwave sparking a new trend for 2020.

The 60-year-old celebrity chef revealed her unique term for the electromagnetic oven on her BBC show Cook, Eat, Repeat as she demonstrated how she makes mashed potato.

As she added warm Lawson said: “I still need a bit of milk – full fat – which I've warmed in the ‘mecrowavay’.”

Nigella Lawson revealed what she calls the microwave on 'Cook, Eat, Repeat'. (BBC)
Nigella Lawson revealed what she calls the microwave on 'Cook, Eat, Repeat'. (BBC)

Viewers quickly bubbled over with excitement on Twitter, hailing Lawson’s pronunciation of microwave and declaring it an instant trend-setter.

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Lynn Carter tweeted: “Love the new name for Microwave! ...micro.wave’...I’m using this now! Oh food fabulous! Cream brûlée yum!”

Emma Kelly said: “I didn’t think I could love Nigella more but then she pronounced microwave as meecro-wah-vey, an icon.”

Elly wrote: “Right well a microwave will never be called a microwave again, it’s a meecro-wavay forevermore, thank you @Nigella_Lawson.”

Heather Lee posted: “I have always hated microwaves but now after hearing that clip of Nigella Lawson, I will have to call them meecro-wavays. I cannot unhear it nor can I escape it.”

And Josh Bancroft said on Twitter: “I think the way @Nigella_Lawson said Microwave in this evening's Cook Eat Repeat is a 2020 highlight.”

Lawson previously sent viewers into meltdown when she revealed her preferred method for buttering toast in a previous episode of her new series.

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The TV cook revealed she butters her toast twice – once again after the first layer has melted into the butter – and then sprinkles it with salt.

And she caused a stir about the best way to make chips after she revealed she puts raw chipped potatoes onto a tray of cold oil before heating them in the oven to make her fries.

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