New pictures offer glimpse at Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary episode


New pictures have offered a glimpse at a dramatic rooftop confrontation which will mark Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary.

The images show Yasmeen Metcalfe on the roof of a house with her granddaughter Alya Nazir.

The pair are stranded after being pursued by Geoff Metcalfe, who has set fire to the house after giving Yasmeen the keys so she can collect her belongings.

Geoff attempts to confront Yasmeen on the rooftop after being attacked by Alya.

Yasmeen, who is played by Shelley King, was found not guilty of the attempted murder of her abusive husband Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) on Monday.

The police have been investigating her claims of being coercively controlled by Geoff.

The scenes will air on Wednesday.

Stunt doubles were used for some of the shots, however the actors filmed the majority of the scenes themselves.

A duplicate roof was built and a green screen was used to recreate the house’s background.

The actors, stunt doubles and stunt coordinators had to self isolate and undergo regular coronavirus testing throughout the two-week shoot.

Behind the scenes pictures show the cast members standing on a walkway which has been attached to the mock-up of the roof.

Wednesday marks the 60th anniversary of Coronation Street.

The soap debuted on ITV on December 9 1960, the creation of Salford-born writer Tony Warren.

Since then, the soap has aired more than 10,000 episodes and has seen 57 births, 146 deaths and 132 weddings.

In September 2010, Coronation Street was recognised as the world’s longest-running soap and was listed in the Guinness World Records.