Classic Range Rover converted to electric powertrain enters production


A limited-edition classic Range Rover that has been converted to run on electricity has entered production.

Silverstone-based Lunaz will create an initial run of 50 vehicles based on various models built between 1970 and 1994.

Based on customer feedback from its other classic car conversions, which used Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce models, the Range Rovers will be offered in Town and Country trims.

Lunaz Range Rover EV Conversion
Lunaz Range Rover EV Conversion

Town trim is focused on those who use the vehicle in urban environments, so gets more comfortable seating and will be available in both standard and long wheelbase.

Country trim is focused on providing off-road ability, such as four-wheel-drive, uprated suspension and better brakes. Inside, it will be more basic like the original and will integrate modern technology with the classic look. This includes an infotainment system, air conditioning and entertainment screens.

The interior will be designed with the customer to their specification, with traditional textiles, modern leathers and wood all available.

Lunaz will also offer convertible versions of classic Range Rovers in this run. Because of the rarity of such models, it will build these by removing the roof of conventional models. These will be known as Safari.

David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz, said: "In the face of a challenging year that restricts every business's ability to collaborate globally, we have drawn even more intensely on the extraordinary talent-pool that exists in Silverstone, Britain's automotive and technology manufacturing heartland.

Lunaz Range Rover EV Conversion
Lunaz Range Rover EV Conversion

"We are proud to fly the flag for our nation's leadership in cutting-edge zero emissions technologies and more traditional automotive engineering skills on the global stage."

Prices start at £245,000 excluding local taxes, with deliveries expected to begin in summer 2021.