What the papers say – December 7

Developments on Brexit and the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine on British shores are among the stories making headlines on Monday.

The Times writes French president Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel “closed ranks” to weaken European demands in a last-ditch bid to complete a Brexit deal.

The Daily Telegraph says the talks remain on a “knife edge” after the EU backed down over fishing arrangements, with a similar story leading The Guardian.

The Financial Times also carries the line on the talks being on a knife edge, adding “brinkmanship” over the divorce deal continues.

Metro says there is still a “deadlock”, and The Independent says it is “make or break”.

The Daily Mail writes Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “bullish” and is prepared to walk away from the talks if asked to sign a deal that “binds Britain to future Brussels laws”, while a similar line leads the Daily Express.

Covid-19 vaccines arriving in the UK leads the i, with the DailyMirror running with the headline: “Day hope arrived”.

The Sun combines both stories into what it calls a “momentous week for UK”, with the country on the “brink of a new dawn”.

And the Daily Star leads with Gary Neville’s criticism of how the Government handled the coronavirus crisis.