Camilla reminisces about beehive hairdos and watching Sir Rod Stewart perform

The Duchess of Cornwall reminisced about the bands and hairstyles of her youth during a visit to some of the capital’s landmark entertainment venues.

Camilla revealed she was a fan of the Faces whose lead singer was a young Sir Rod Stewart before he found global stardom. She also joked about the “pain” of having a beehive hairdo.

The duchess and the Prince of Wales visited London’s famous music venue The 100 Club, where bands like the Sex Pistols, The Jam and Oasis have played, and then on to the Soho Theatre to watch an excerpt from a one-woman show.

Their visit came as a further show of support for the arts and entertainment sector which has been devastated by the pandemic.

In May, Charles raised concerns about how orchestras and theatres would survive the coronavirus crisis. As he toured the sites on Thursday he said he was “praying” entertainment venues would be able to reopen soon.

After a performance by singer-songwriter Emily Capell and drummer Matt Cowley at The 100 Club, Camilla said she was a big fan of the Faces and Sir Rod.

The duchess said she had seen them live and even asked Sir Rod to perform at her husband’s 60th birthday party.

She also complimented Capell on her beehive hairdo and joked: “I used to have my hair like that in the ’60s so I know your pain.”

Turning to Charles, Capell said: “And you like The Three Degrees, sir?”

Charles, 72, who was rumoured to have been romantically linked with Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson, laughed and said: “That was a very long time ago.”