First details of upcoming DS 4 reveal technology-focused model

The new DS 4 will bring a focus on technology and premium materials when it is fully revealed at the start of next year.

The French premium manufacturer has disclosed some initial details about the upcoming hatchback, which will be its first bespoke C-segment car.

Underpinned by Group PSA’s new EMP2 platform – which allows for combustion and hybrid powertrains – the new DS 4 will be available with a plug-in hybrid setup which allows for up to 30 miles of solely electric driving. It combines a four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor.

DS 4
DS 4

Inside, the DS 4 will debut the firms new ‘Iris system’ infotainment setup, which ‘takes the usability of a smartphone’, according to the brand. The driver can personalise the screen and they can control it by voice or gesture, too. The screen also incorporates handwriting recognition, making inputting navigation details or other information into the system easier. To ensure that the technology is kept up-to-date, the DS 4 can receive updates over the air.

An extended head-up display will provide ‘immersive technology’, making it appear as if vehicle speed, navigation instructions and warning messages are projected onto the road ahead. The system makes this information easier to view by making it look like the data is being displayed four metres ahead of the windscreen.

The DS 4 will also incorporate Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology, using extensive sensors and radar systems to allow the car to position itself in between lanes, conduct semi-autonomous overtakes and slow the vehicle down automatically when cornering. Level 2 is currently the highest level of autonomous assistance allowed on the roads.

It will also use scan suspension technology, which utilises a camera positioned at the top of the windscreen to scan the road ahead for any potholes or inconsistencies in the road service. If detected, the car will automatically adjust the suspension’s damping to compensate, resulting in a supremely comfortable ride.

A new DS Matrix LED Vision headlight setup will be included too, using three LED modules to create a ‘signature’ design. An outer Matrix beam is split into 15 individual segments which can be turned on or off independently depending on the driving conditions. These are then backed by daytime running lights made up of 98 LEDs.

The new DS 4 is expected to go on sale in late 2021.