Celebrity chef hosts special Christmas cooking class for young cancer survivor


A celebrity chef has given a special Christmas cookery class to a young cancer survivor to reward her for her bravery.

TV star Jean-Christophe Novelli hosted the virtual cook-along with seven-year-old Edith in which they made special festive pancakes.

Edith was diagnosed with leukaemia in March 2018, but finished her 26-month treatment – which included daily chemotherapy sessions – earlier this year, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Michelin Star winner said it was a “privilege to cook alongside someone that is very, very special”.

“You’ve been absolutely fantastic,” he told Edith at the end of their class.

“What you’ve been through is just unbelievable and you are just happy all the time and this is so special.

“As soon as I saw your face and when you spoke after 10 seconds I realised I am having the privilege to cook alongside someone that is very, very special.”

When asked what her favourite part of the experience was, Edith replied cheekily: “Eating.”

French chef Novelli is supporting the charity after his son Valentino fought his own battle with cancer.

The cooking video was one of three made as part of the launch of this year’s Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Star Awards.

The annual scheme allows people to nominate children who have experienced cancer for their courage and bravery.

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