Comfort one of key considerations in new car purchase, survey finds

Comfort is one of the most important factors for drivers when buying a car, coming second only to price, a new survey has found.

A study of 2,000 drivers found that 45.4 per cent of motorists had comfort as a primary consideration in a new car, falling short of the 74.5 per cent of drivers who cited price as the top priority.

Drivers also highlighted seat comfort, legroom and ambient temperature as the three things which most affected cabin comfort.

However, it wasn’t just behind the wheel where comfort was required, as 85.2 per cent of respondents said that passenger comfort was important when deciding upon their next vehicle.

Souad Wrixen, marketing director for Citroen UK, which was behind the study, said: “Despite the ongoing crisis, UK drivers are still spending almost six hours each week behind the wheel. Our research shows that over a third of motorists wish their cars were more comfortable, and at Citroën we’re committed to ensuring that comfort is a priority – covering a wide range of measures that help promote health and well-being.

“With the advent of the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, we have set about redefining the concept of modern comfort to fit requirements, including the feeling of space on-board, connectivity, ergonomic design, and a smooth, comfortable drive.”

Citroen has recently bolstered its efforts to make its cars as comfortable as possible, implementing advanced comfort seats and suspension with progressive hydraulic cushions which are designed to offer the most relaxing ride possible.