Zara McDermott hits back at ‘entirely unfair’ abuse over weight loss

Zara McDermott has hit back at the “entirely unfair” abuse she says she has received as a result of her recent weight loss.

The reality star said she has been targeted by people saying she has an eating disorder.

She said she has a “healthy” weight and “will not apologise for eating healthier” and exercising more.

The X Factor: Celebrity Launch – London
The X Factor: Celebrity Launch – London

McDermott added in a post on Instagram that she has always been slim and “cannot be made to feel bad about my natural body type”.

She said she has been eating more healthy food and exercising more which has “been a positive change for the better”.

“I have so much more muscle now. I can lift heavy weights. I feel happier and healthier.

“And most importantly, I feel good on the inside, which means I will live a longer and healthier life,” the former Love island contestant said.

She said the abuse took place on Twitter, which she said it “the most vile and toxic place on the internet”.

“I think it’s entirely unfair to call me ‘anorexic’.

“In my opinion it’s the same as calling someone morbidly obese,” McDermott added.