Badger who got bum wedged in fence rescued by RSPCA

A badger had to be freed by the RSPCA after getting its bottom wedged in a garden fence.

The stocky brock ended up completely jammed in the fence, and a concerned householder called the animal charity for help.

RSPCA chief inspector Mark Miles said: “It looks as if he was trying to get from one garden to the next via the hole in the fence, but had misjudged the width of his backside.

“He’d got himself into a position where his front end and legs were off the ground, so he didn’t have any traction to pull himself out.

“He hadn’t sustained any injuries from his ordeal, so it was a simple job to widen the hole. He shot off straight away and is hopefully now back in his sett with his family.”

The badger was rescued by the charity on November 12 in Goddington, Kent.

The RSPCA said it expects to rescue thousands of animals this winter, and has launched a Christmas appeal to enable inspectors to continue their work.