Geri Horner: How a rescue horse helped me with confidence

Geri Horner says a rescue horse helped get her “courage back”.

The ex-Spice Girl, 48, tells Rainbow Woman, her YouTube channel, that her confidence plunged in her thirties.

“I gave my life 100% to music,” Horner said.

“And then when I got to my thirties, I found it so difficult because the teenage bravado had run out and I wasn’t sure where I belonged.”

She said of her rescue horse: “When I found Beauty, I got my courage back…

“I come back lifted… I’m no other identity other than just a woman on a horse feeling brave… And sometimes it just feels amazing to feel that.”

She said she felt ready for the recent Spice Girls reunion.

“Stepping out on stage with the Spice Girls again, I felt, ‘You know what? It’s alright’.

“The feeling of wanting to connect, the feeling of freedom and joy was greater than the fear. And I think Beauty taught me that.”

Beauty died following an operation but Horner, formerly Ginger Spice, said: “I’m grateful even for the short time I had with Beauty. He gave me a lot.”