Base jumper has a very lucky escape

Story and video from SWNS

A daring base jumper performed a perfect 'low level' stunt from a wind turbine but ended up face-planting the ground after he literally ploughed into a field.

Kevin Marret, 28, had a lucky escape - with only his ego bruised - after the less than stellar landing after leaping off the 280ft turbine in the Midi- Pyrenees.

The beautiful footage starts out well as Kevin jumps and freefalls for a moment before pulling his shoot.

But he opened his chute a fraction of a second too late and, due to excessive forward momentum, ate dirt.

Luckily Kevin was uninjured hurt and can see the funny side of the whole affair

Kevin, from Paris, France, said: "I was visiting the location for Base jumping. I performed my chute pull too low, plus it was a bit windy. I need less delay before I pull next time."