What the papers say – November 17

Another coronavirus vaccine takes many of the headlines in Tuesday’s papers with US drug company Moderna saying their jab is 94.5% effective.

The Times leads with reports the UK has purchased five million doses of the vaccine which is considered the “most promising”, while adding large-scale production is not expected in Europe until next April.

The Guardian writes about a “scramble for vaccines”, saying Britain initially opted not to buy the Moderna vaccine but has since “scrambled to secure five million doses”.

Metro reports Britain is “back of the queue” for the treatment as the i says there is “new hope” in the fight against the pandemic, a story which also leads The Independent.

Moderna’s jab leads the Financial Times, with the paper reporting the company is looking for “fast-track approval” from authorities in the US, while the Daily Star pokes fun at the Government over what it calls a “pre-order shambles”.

Coronavirus leads The Daily Telegraph, as Health Secretary Matt Hancock says lockdown in England could continue beyond December 2.

While the promise of rapid tests for care home visitors leads the DailyMirror and DailyMail.

And the Daily Express writes about a woman who is facing eviction from her care home following what the paper calls an “unauthorised window visit” by her daughter.