Millions of people ‘oblivious to risk of flooding to home in England’

Millions of people have no idea whether their home or business is at risk of flooding, the Environment Agency (EA) has warned.

Research found that one in eight (12%) people could be caught out by heavy rainfall, as they have no clue about the danger.

The EA has urged more people to check the risk of flooding online and to follow its guidelines as a result of the country seeing more wet weather “than ever before” due to climate change.

It advised people living in areas at risk of flooding to prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents to be kept in a safe place and to turn off gas, water and electricity if flooding hits.

More than 5.2 million homes and businesses in England are at risk from flooding, the EA said.

Caroline Douglass, director of incident management and resilience at the EA, said: “Our new research shows that our homes are more important to us than ever before, meaning that the impact of a flood this winter could be even more devastating.

“While the Environment Agency is doing everything we can to prepare for the winter, the climate emergency means that we are experiencing more extreme wet weather than ever before.

“Just as they will be aware of Covid-19 restrictions, we’re urging everyone to check whether they live in an area at risk from flooding and know the simple steps to remain prepared – such as moving possessions upstairs and preparing a grab bag with medicines and important documents.

“This will help reduce the damage and keep yourself and your family safe.”