Johnson says green investment will boost jobs and national parks


Boris Johnson has insisted a green Government agenda will see new national parks and thousands of jobs created.

The Prime Minister said a 10-point environmental plan would protect England’s “iconic” landscapes.

The comments come ahead of the release of a so-called “blueprint” for a “green industrial revolution” by the Government next week.

The Prime Minister said that £40 million of extra funding would go into the green recovery challenge fund.

The Government said the funding would be awarded “to environmental charities and partners across England to restore the natural environment and help make progress on the UK’s ongoing work to address the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change, as part of our green recovery from Covid-19”.

Downing Street said a “wide range” of projects would be announced shortly to receive funding “to enhance our natural environment and create and support thousands of jobs”.

The Government has said it will make more areas of the countryside into national parks to “better protect the country’s rich wildlife and biodiversity”.

The Prime Minister said: “As we build back greener we’re taking new steps to expand and enhance our landscapes – creating and retaining thousands of green jobs in the process which will be crucial to my ten point plan for delivering a green recovery.

“Britain’s iconic landscapes are part of the fabric of our national identity – sustaining our communities, driving local economies and inspiring people across the ages.

“That’s why with the natural world under threat, it’s more important than ever that we act now to enhance our natural environment and protect our precious wildlife and biodiversity.”

Craig Bennett, chief executive of the Wildlife Trusts said: “Investment in nature is crucial if we want to build a stronger, greener economy.

“The Government’s initial green recovery challenge fund was oversubscribed by almost 10 times, so additional funding to help tackle the nature and climate crisis is welcome.

“However, with nearly half of all species in decline in the UK, the Government must realise the colossal scale of the task and listen to calls for an additional £1 billion investment per annum, year on year, as part of the upcoming comprehensive spending review – this is desperately needed to kick start a decade of action for nature.”