Stormzy’s #Merky Books to release guides to mindfulness, fitness and finance

Books about mindfulness, fitness and finance will be the next three publications in the How To… series by #Merky Books, Stormzy’s imprint within Penguin Random House UK.

How To Calm It, How To Move It and How To Save It will be published on January 7, following on from How To Build It, How To Write It and How To Change It which were released in October.

The How To… series offers pocket-sized guides to help young people unlock their potential by offering practical advice.

How To Calm It: Relax Your Mind will be written by Grace Victory with an introduction by Black Minds Matter UK, and will help readers process what is going on inside their heads and offer tangible tools, creative exercises and tailored tips.

How To Move It: Reset Your Body will be written by trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule, offering tips on breathing and motivational and practical exercises for mobility, strength, conditioning and recovery. It will feature an introduction by Paralympian Kadeena Cox.

How To Save It: Fix Your Finances by Bola Sol will help readers understand their current habits and change their relationship with money through practical tools and tips, from how to build a budget, dealing with debt, starting the steps to investment, and breaking down tricky terminology.

Lemara Lindsay-Prince, commissioning editor, said: “Continuing the spirit and success of the How To series, I’m extremely happy to be publishing the next three titles on January 7.

“I believe they are the perfect accompaniment for the new year, and all your personal self-improvement and betterment goals.

“The team are proud to be working with three new authors: Bola Sol, Grace Victory and Joslyn Thompson Rule, whose work aligns with the overall series value of unlocking your potential.

“We’ve also matched the books’ purpose with some exceptional individuals and initiatives who are at the forefront of change in their respective fields, such as Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox MBE, Black Minds Matter UK and Moneybox.”