54% in house shares ‘have been left worse off financially by a bad flatmate’

More than half (54%) of people claim they have been left financially worse off by a bad flatmate, according to a survey of people that have recently lived in shared accommodation.

On average £46 is the tipping point after which people will no longer let their flatmate’s debts slide and will confront them over the money they owe, the research for Barclays Money Mentors found.

Four-fifths (80%) of people surveyed said they would rather have a boring flatmate if it meant the person paid their bills and rent on time.

Barclays customers and non-customers can make free online appointments with its Money Mentors service to get tips on money issues.

Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy, a finance expert at Barclays, said: “Living with others can be tough – something that lockdown certainly heightened for many people across the UK.”

The survey was based on 1,200 people across the UK who have lived in shared accommodation in the past 12 months or are currently living in it.