Rupert Everett: Cancel culture is vindictive

Rupert Everett has hit out at cancel culture – calling it “judgmental and vindictive”.

The actor and director, 61, has previously described some social media users as an “invisible cauldron of hags around in the virtual world”.

Now he has told Good Morning Britain: “I find the whole woke system a little bit humourless.

“I don’t think it has much perspective.

“It’s judgmental and vindictive, and it just doesn’t have any human sympathy to it.

“Just to be cancelled is like being in the Stasi. It’s like being in East Germany and I don’t think that’s part of democracy.

“I think we are all allowed, or should be allowed to be who we are as much as possible, provided we’re not doing anyone else any harm.”

Opinions are attributed to people even when they “don’t really have them and that’s also very scary”, he said.

Everett also said he was “thrilled” with the US election result.

“I think Trump is essentially an unacceptable type of person to be the president of the United States for many reasons,” he said.

“It’s great that there’s a new era… and it’ll have a knock-on effect everywhere and maybe we’ll get rid of ‘Doris’ (Boris Johnson) at some point too.”