Americans hold spontaneous celebrations after Biden victory

Supporters of Joe Biden have held spontaneous celebrations across America after he beat Donald Trump in a tense race for the White House.

The former vice president clinched victory on Saturday – some four days after polls closed – after a win in Pennsylvania pushed him over the threshold of 270 electoral college votes.

As the news broke on Saturday morning US time, many Americans took to the streets to express their joy after a knife-edge election cycle.

In New York City, crowds gathered in the streets and in Times Square, banging pots and pans together in impromptu parties to celebrate the Democrat’s win over Mr Trump.

Singing, cheering and the sound of cowbells could be heard in streets across the city which the President previously called home.

Sheina, 35, who works at a local university but preferred not to give her surname, told the PA news agency: “I’m in Times Square and there are hundreds of people here singing, cheering, crying, celebrating.

“The vibe has been very happy and celebratory. Young people in NYC seem to be leading the charge for change and have been protesting police brutality, income inequality, civil rights for weeks since June.

“I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m a born and raised New Yorker.”

Election 2020 California
Election 2020 California

Car horns were sounded in the streets of many cities, including Los Angeles, while fireworks erupted in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jubilant demonstrators marched through Hollywood chanting “it’s a new day” as they celebrated Mr Biden’s election victory.

Activists carrying Black Lives Matter signs, Pride flags and placards bearing the names of people killed by police beat drums and danced along Sunset Boulevard as passing drivers in the liberal stronghold beeped their approval.

Many of the passing cars had American flags attached.

A demonstrator with a megaphone led calls of “show me what America looks like” and was joined on the march by masked protesters of different ages and races.

Across America, people gathered spontaneously on street corners and front lawns, including in Louisville, Kentucky, where Biden supporters toasted victory with champagne in their front gardens.

Supporters also marched in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with signs calling for a Green New Deal and for the result to be respected.

In Washington DC, cheering and car horns were also heard in celebration of Mr Biden’s victory, as crowds gathered on Black Lives Matter plaza, opposite the White House.

US Election 2020
US Election 2020

Mr Trump spent Saturday morning golfing at his club in Virginia.

As his motorcade approached the White House to return home, the President was welcomed with boos, raised middle fingers and chants of “loser, loser, loser” from the celebrating voters.

Many supporters of the Republican are also on the streets, with many protesting outside state buildings to demand the end of vote counting following repeated baseless claims of fraud by Mr Trump.