Another contestant axed from Bake Off during 80s week

Lottie has been eliminated from The Great British Bake Off during an episode which saw the contestants take on a number of 1980s-themed challenges.

The 31-year-old pantomime producer failed to impress in the final round of the episode, which saw the amateur bakers tackling an ice cream cake.

The contestants were tasked with making quiches, finger doughnuts and ice cream cakes and Hermine was named star baker.

Hot weather conditions during filming of the episode, which took place over the summer, caused many of the contestants problems and Lottie failed to get an ice cream coating for her cake to set.

She said her effort was “quite frankly an embarrassment”.

Judge Paul Hollywood said: “I think it looks terrible, if it tasted good then you sort of hang something on that, but besides the puff rice down the bottom, I’m just not getting anything from it all. Nothing.”

After being eliminated from the programme, she said: “It is just a massive relief but also I’m gutted to not be with everyone every day.

“Honestly it has been amazing.

“I literally packed two outfits and I’m here in week seven wearing everyone else’s clothes.

“I can’t believe the stuff I have done, I got a handshake, I got star baker, I’m so chuffed with myself and maybe I can bake.”

The Great British Bake Off 2020
The Great British Bake Off 2020

Laura, 31, a digital manager from Kent, was also unsuccessful in the ice cream cake challenge with her effort, which contained brownie.

She narrowly avoided exiting the programme and the judges weighed up whether to axe her or Lottie.

After the final challenge, Hollywood said: “Your ice cream is delicious, just not frozen.

“The big issue I have is brownie. Why would you put a brownie in a freezer?”

Hermine, a 39-year-old accountant from London, excelled in the quiche challenge with her bakes, one of which contained mushroom and spinach and another with salmon and leak.

Her work was praised by the judges despite the fact she had to rush to finish by turning her oven up to a high temperature as she was running the risk of not finishing on time.

Judge Prue Leith said she had created “such a classic combination, and such a good one”.

Hospital food review
Hospital food review

After the challenge, Hermine said: “I can’t believe the comments, I genuinely thought I have booked my ticket home.”

She also finished first in the technical finger doughnut challenge, while she also impressed with her mango and coconut ice cream cake.

Leith praised her again after the final challenge, saying: “As always, you’re doing classic things but very beautifully.”

Dave, 30, a security guard from Hampshire, narrowly avoided elimination after failing to impress impress with his quiches and finishing bottom in the technical challenge.

However, he clawed it back in the ice cream cake round with his tiramisu chocolate cake, which impressed the judges.

Last Christmas, he gave us a tart. But for 80s Week, Peter served up a ‘Christmas Cake Surprise’ Showstopper instead!

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff) November 3, 2020

Peter, 20, an accounting and finance student from Edinburgh, was also praised after the final round for his Christmas ice cream cake.

Leith said: “Peter, that’s absolutely delicious and it’s very clever because you have managed to freeze that with a lot of booze in it.”

Last week saw project manager Mark get eliminated from the programme during Japanese week.

Production of the 11th series of Bake Off was initially delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but filming of the Channel 4 programme finished near the end of August.

The bakers, presenters and others working on the programme formed a “bubble” in Down Hall Hotel near Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, throughout the duration of filming, after being tested for the virus and self-isolating.