Polestar 2 recalled due to battery inverter fault

Polestar has issued a recall for its electric ‘2’ model due to issues with the car’s battery inverters.

Affecting 4,586 vehicles in Europe, the problem has been found to be related to a bank of faulty inverters, which take the stored energy from the car’s batteries and converts them into a voltage which can then power the electric motors used to drive the vehicle.

This issue could then cause a loss of power and could prevent the vehicle from running properly.

As well as implementing the recall, Polestar has also launched a service campaign which looks at the car’s cabin and battery pack cooling systems. Only applying to earlier vehicles, this process will replace faulty parts and applies to 3,150 European cars.

Both issues can be resolved in a single workshop visit, according to Polestar, and affected drivers will be contacted by email and told about the issues. They’ll also be offered solutions and given instructions on what to do next.

Polestar 2 Plugsurfing
Polestar 2 Plugsurfing

Any new cars yet to be delivered to their new owners will be updated prior to being handed over.

As part of this set of measures, all vehicles affected will also be upgraded to be able to accept over-the-air updates, which will allow Polestar to remotely keep the 2’s systems up to date.

The Polestar 2 is the firm’s first fully electric vehicle to have been produced by the firm since it became a standalone company apart from parent owners Volvo Cars and the wider Geely Group.