What the papers say – November 2

Promises and jostling by powerful politicians over the latest pandemic measures fill the front pages on Monday.

Boris Johnson “has vowed” the new lockdown will end on December 2 to give England’s families a “Christmas boost”, the Daily Express says.

But Mr Johnson faces “Tory fury” from his backbenchers following hints the country may be entering a longer lockdown than announced, according to The Guardian.

The Times also covers the “Tory backlash” and adds that restrictions “would be relaxed for Christmas”, though this is disputed on the front of Metro.

“Christmas is hanging in the balance”, warns the Daily Mirror, which references Cabinet minister Michael Gove, who The Independent says has been “slapped down” by Downing Street for suggesting the lockdown could be extended.

But The Daily Telegraph reports the PM has raised the prospect of extending the national pandemic restriction and “will not rule out further measures”, something the Daily Mail casts as “a nightmare without end”.

Mr Johnson was urged to Government scientists to shut down schools, according to the i.

The Financial Times says firms have demanded Government support to survive the “body blow” of the new lockdown.

And the announcement of restrictive measures has prompted “Queues, raves and bog roll bandits,” the Daily Star reports with a photo of crowds outside Ikea.