BBC iPlayer ‘experiencing problems on some LG televisions’

Owners of some models of LG televisions are experiencing “interference or flashing lines across the screen” when they try to watch BBC iPlayer, according to the broadcaster.

A total of 22 models from 2018 are affected by the issues, according to the website of the streaming platform.

It added that the BBC is “aware that the playback quality is poor when watching programmes on BBC iPlayer on some LG TVs”.

“Some people have reported blocky playback, interference, or flashing lines across the screen,” it added.

LG is “still continuing to investigate this”, the BBC said.

The broadcaster confirmed on Friday the issues are still affecting the televisions.

According to an email from LG’s customer service department which has been seen by the PA news agency, the electronics company is working with the BBC to resolve the issue.

LG has been contacted for comment.