Bugatti Bolide brings 1,825bhp to the track

Bugatti has introduced a new track-only, high-performance hypercar – the Bolide.

It produces 1,825bhp from a quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine, yet weighs just 1,240kg. As a result, the Bolide brings performance which is ‘almost on par with Formula 1’, according to Bugatti, and should be able to push past the 300mph top speed marker.

The engine’s turbochargers have been redesigned while its dry-sump lubrication system has been revamped too, allowing the Bolide to produce more power than the road-going Chiron hypercar with which it shares its engine.


Bugatti’s claimed performance figures have been made when the Bolide is using 110-octane fuel, meaning it won’t push out quite as much power when running on standard 98-octane fuel.

At just 995mm tall, the Bolide is lower than the firm’s Chiron, while thanks to a series of aerodynamic elements, Bugatti claims that it can generate 1,800kg of downforce on the rear wing when travelling at 200mph.

Titanium pushrods with horizontal dampers form up key parts of the Bolide’s lightweight suspension setup, based around the car’s featherweight carbon fibre monocoque. Even the screws and bolts used across the Bolide are crafted from titanium in an effort to keep weight down. Ceramic brakes sit behind centre-lock forged aluminium wheels.

Technically just a concept for now, Bugatti hasn’t yet confirmed whether the Bolide will go into series production. If it does, it’s likely to be accompanied by a seriously high price tag – with the less powerful Chiron Super Sport costing just over £3 million when it first went on sale.