Please help me, I love you: Kym Marsh’s text she sent Craig David while sleeping

Kym Marsh has revealed she texted Craig David while she was asleep, saying “Please help me, I love you”.

The Coronation Street star and singer said she later discovered she was sending text messages while dreaming to multiple people.

During a discussion about sleep and dreaming, she told BBC One’s Morning Live: “I was going through quite a stressful time, it was just at the end of Hear’Say and everything was a bit up in the air.

“We’d met Craig David along the way, I wouldn’t say we were the best of mates but we had phone numbers, all of us.

“I woke up one morning and reached for my phone, I checked my phone and Craig David had messaged going ‘Oh are you alright?’ I was like ‘Yes fine, I don’t understand why you’re…’ and I scrolled back through my texts and I’d sent him a text at 2am saying ‘Please help me, I love you’

“I sent it to Craig David!

“It got worse from there, other people were like ‘Kym, could you just move your phone, stop messaging me at three o’clock in the morning!’ I was just constantly messaging random people.”

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