Adele’s SNL highlights: Star squeezes in some singing during memorable host slot

Adele delighted fans by squeezing in some singing during her Saturday Night Live hosting slot.

The Londoner made her debut anchoring the US comedy show and was accompanied by musical guest H.E.R.

While she was not scheduled to perform, Adele managed to show off her skills during one of the show’s sketches.

And she broke character during an innuendo-filled tourism advert skit.

Here are Adele’s best sketches from this week’s SNL:

The Bachelor

Adele appeared as herself in a skit of The Bachelor, a dating programme which is one of the most popular shows on US TV.

It gave producers an excuse to allow the Grammy-winner to show off her skills.

During the sketch, Adele, who split from husband Simon Konecki last year, said she is no stranger to heartbreak, joking about the age-inspired titles of her albums.

She sang a parody of Hello from inside a bush while disrupting a love rival’s date with the bachelor.

The sketch had a grandstand finish, with Adele belting out her 2011 ballad Someone Like You.

Adele closed the skit by joking: “Catch me next week on Love Island!”

A pre-pandemic psychic

Adele plays a woman who visits a psychic with her friends in 2019, asking for advice on the future in a pre-pandemic world.

The singer asks about a big promotion in March, but is told only tears and home deliveries await in her future.

“I like going to museums and concerts and stuff like that,” Adele says.

Kate McKinnon’s psychic replies: “No, no, I see no concerts in 2020.”

The sketch also referenced the controversy over JK Rowling’s transgender comments. McKinnon said: “If any of you see JK Rowling, please tell her, stick to the books.”

Destination Africa

Adele struggled to keep it together as she burst out laughing during a sketch promoting Africa as a destination for single women.

Stood on a beach next to McKinnon, the pair read out an innuendo-filled list of the continent’s best bits.

Adele broke character, laughing while struggling to speak the word “bamboo”.

A title card at the end of the sketch described Africa as “the number one destination for divorcees of a certain age”.

Adele visits a nursing home

In another Coronavirus-themed sketch, Adele played a granddaughter bringing her boyfriend – portrayed by Pete Davidson – to visit her grandmother at a nursing home.

Due to social distancing rules, she has to shout up at Maya Rudolph’s hard of hearing grandmother, and it emerges Adele’s relationship is strained because her partner lost his job.

“I am dating a man with no job,” Adele yells. The sketch ends with the revelation the grandmother has squandered her grandchildren’s inheritance.