Jacob Rees-Mogg channels Peppa Pig to praise World Puddle Jumping Championships

Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg recalled an episode of Peppa Pig as he gave his support for a puddle jumping contest.

The World Puddle Jumping Championships are usually held at Wicksteed Park in Kettering but in order to comply with social distancing restrictions this year they are taking place online.

Kettering’s Conservative MP Philip Hollobone called for a “statement in support” of the event.

During Business Questions, he told the Commons: “We all need a little light diversion in these grim times. So could we have a statement in support of the annual World Puddle Jumping Championships which take place at the much-loved Wicksteed Park in Kettering?

“This year, due to the pandemic, the championships are going virtual and children across the land are being encouraged to send in video footage of their jumps which will be judged on the basis of height of jump, enthusiasm, distance of splash and the amount of mud covering the participant.

“Mr Speaker, isn’t this just the sort of tonic we need in these difficult times?”

Responding, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “This is a brilliant idea.

“Who cannot recall the episode of Peppa Pig when Peppa decides to go and jump in a muddy puddle – that being her favourite activity.

“She is joined by brother George, by her father and her mother, and I’ve got a feeling even the grandparents join in and they all get covered in mud.

“Now, I cannot promise my honourable friend that this will be what the Rees-Mogg household are doing on World Puddle Jumping Day, but I think certainly a number of my children will enjoy it very much.

“And he is to be commended for ensuring World Puddle Jumping Day has a wider audience.”

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle then said: “And we mustn’t forget the Vicar of Dibley.”