What the papers say – October 22

More challenges in the fight against Covid and Brexit developments dominate the nation’s front pages.

The i claims Boris Johnson is losing popularity with his own MPs through his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The Daily Mail splashes on Owen Weatherill – the officer leading the police force’s strategy on the pandemic – telling MPs even he is not fully aware of the rules on lockdowns.

Care staff have been told they must work in only one facility from now on to limit the spread of coronavirus, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Independent says Test and Trace chiefs have had to draft in untrained staff as numbers are stretched through the pandemic.

But The Times has a more upbeat coronavirus lead, saying increased care and concern from young people has helped slow the spread of the virus in Britain.

Meanwhile, The Guardian says the Government has a plan to deport foreign homeless people once the Brexit transition period is over.

Metro leads on news from the Vatican that the Pope has given his blessing to same sex marriage.

The Financial Times reports on a rally for the pound after a resumption in talks with the EU.

The Daily Express welcomes the bloc’s “backdown” which it says shows Brussels will “respect UK sovereignty”.

The Daily Mirror rounds on the more than 300 Tory MPs who voted against extending free school meals through the holidays, calling them “So cruel”.

And Britons are now panic-buying tracksuit bottoms, according to the Daily Star.