Up to 1,809 pubs hit by new Greater Manchester lockdown measures

Up to 1,809 pubs in Greater Manchester could be forced to close following the Government’s decision to impose Tier 3 restrictions on the area, according to new data.

With the Liverpool City region and Lancashire also in the highest restricted status, it means the number of pubs hit is 3,967, according to property adviser Altus Group.

The Government restrictions in the North of England to help stop the spread of the coronavirus means the pubs can only remain open if a substantial meal is served.

Several other regions remain in Tier 2 status, affecting 12,500 pubs trading according to Government data.

Beer glasses and a set of car keys (Philip Toscano/PA)
Beer glasses and a set of car keys (Philip Toscano/PA)

At the beginning of October there were 37,616 pubs in England, excluding wine bars, meaning one in 10 of all English pubs are impacted, Altus Group said.

Tier 3 measures currently affect 1,031 pubs within the Liverpool City Region, 1,127 across Lancashire and now a further 1,809 in Greater Manchester, it added.

Robert Hayton, head of property tax at Altus Group, said: “Whilst pubs in England are currently receiving a £728.42 million business rates holiday, £514.88 million of grant support received during the national lockdown between March and July has now largely been spent.”

He added: “Pubs need a discerning targeted support package, not just accessible for those mandated to close, as well as given assurances that the package will be in place for the foreseeable future.”