Maisie Williams and Adwoa Aboah team up with WaterAid to launch ‘period bag’


Actress Maisie Williams, YouTube star Zoe Sugg and model Adwoa Aboah have teamed up with WaterAid to launch a range of “period bags”.

The stars are backing the charity’s bid to encourage more people to talk “more openly about periods to help tackle stigma and taboos”.

WaterAid said its research suggested a majority of Britons are uncomfortable talking about periods.

The charity has launched bags to hold period products that are designed to fit inside handbags and schoolbags.

Game Of Thrones star Williams was joined by Sugg and Aboah in helping design the products.

The actress, who played Arya Stark in HBO’s sprawling epic, created a design featuring a womb, hands and the slogan “feeling bloody brilliant”.

She said: “It’s shocking that one in four women and girls around the world don’t have access to a decent toilet. How are they meant to manage during their period?

“By helping create these unique period bags, I’m campaigning to make life fairer for girls everywhere.”

Aboah said: “Being more open about periods can help make sure the rights and needs of women and girls are heard and taken seriously at a local and global level. That’s something we should all be fighting for.”

The bags can be bought via Fempowered, WaterAid’s new period subscription box.