ITV to launch new dating show Secret Crush

ITV has announced a new dating show which will feature lovestruck singletons finally revealing their feelings to their crushes.

Secret Crush will feature four hopefuls in each episode coming clean to the object of their affection, whether that be a best friend, colleague or gym buddy.

The admirer will invite their crush to join them and be filmed coming clean about their feelings. Viewers will watch as love either blossoms or goes unrequited.

Secret Crush is based on the Secret Admirer show format.

ITV’s head of digital channels and acquisitions, Paul Mortimer, said: “ITV2’s audience will hopefully be enthralled by this wonderful format that propels potential relationships to a must-watch crunch point.

“As stories unfold and viewers eavesdrop on heartfelt conversations, they’ll witness laughter (and maybe some tears) but, crucially, the blossoming of new love in each episode.”

Casting is under way.