Benedict Cumberbatch addresses confusion over Doctor Strange’s cloak

Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that it irritates him when fans call his character’s cloak of levitation a cape.

The 44-year-old has played the egotistical surgeon-turned-Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2016.

Speaking on Magic Radio for Prince’s Trust Day on Thursday, he addressed confusion over his character’s item of clothing.

Doctor Strange UK Launch Event – London
Doctor Strange UK Launch Event – London

He said: “Of course it’s a bloody cloak. Everyone keeps on calling it a cape.

“I had it on the other day. It is such an amazing creation. Alex our costume designer on the first film made it, and she’s just extraordinary. It is so detailed and textured and rich.

“It really does feel sort of alive the way that it is in the film. It’s heavy. It’s a cloak, it’s definitely a cloak.”

The Sherlock star said he had not taken the piece home with him yet, but might soon regret it.

He added: “Actors often talk about what they’ve taken. I’ve been really pathetic about that.

“I think I might… I mean I’m sure there are bigger regrets I’ll have when it comes to me hanging up said cloak. But I think I might regret not having stolen more.”

Cumberbatch, who has been married to director Sophie Hunter since 2015, also discussed his experience of lockdown with their two children.

He said: “It was an absolute delight to be ensconced with them in nature and nurture. That was a great blessing for me. I’m very aware that’s a very fortunate position to be in.”

He appeared to raise awareness of the issues young people are currently facing and ask listeners to donate to The Prince’s Trust.