West End and Royal Ballet stars create video highlighting mental health issues


A group of West End and Royal Ballet performers have created a music video highlighting the importance of positive mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video, titled Hush, features vocals from Phantom Of The Opera and Les Miserables star Leo Miles.

The performers also aim to draw attention to the performing arts at a time when the sector is shrouded in uncertainty as a result of Covid-19.

Hush songwriter Kath Haling said: “2020 has been an extremely chaotic and challenging year with many people feeling anxious about factors beyond their control.

“Add to this the noise from social media and pressure of so-called toxic productivity, there is little respite from what can all too often feel like a tsunami of pressure and negativity.

“The idea for Hush came from a need to find peace and quiet in amongst the overwhelming noise felt by many during lockdown.

“We wanted to help people remember that no matter how chaotic and overwhelming things can feel, we have the power within ourselves to take a moment, sit still and breath.

“Hush is about the understanding that finding that sense of peace is never out of our reach.”

The Hush performers are also urging people to support the Acting For Others organisation, which provides help for those in the performing arts.

Choreographer Erico Montes said: “After months of doing ballet classes alone in my living room, it was very special to work again with fellow dancers and performers.

“I was inspired by Kath’s lyrics which talk about a yearning for space as well as physical and mental freedom – something we can all relate to, most especially during lockdown.”