Protesters urge greater support for music industry in demo outside Parliament

Campaigners have taken part in a demonstration outside Parliament calling for greater support for the music industry.

Protesters cycled from Hyde Park and past Downing Street before arriving in Parliament Square.

The demonstration was organised by the Save Our Scene campaign group.

Our Scene bike protest
Our Scene bike protest

The organisation’s founder, George Fleming, said the music industry is in a “catastrophic” position thanks to coronavirus.

He told the PA news agency: “We are looking at losing a large portion of the industry by the time we come out of this and we just want to make sure, as a nation, we show the Government how important it is to us.”

Mr Fleming added: “It is really sad because it feels as though all the things we care about and enjoy in life are currently being left behind and there must be a way for us to move forward.

“I believe that music is one of the most important things in the world, we are the best at it and we have got to protect it.”

Our Scene bike protest
Our Scene bike protest

The protesters had a DJ “strapped into a rickshaw playing some lovely tunes for everybody” as they made their way to Parliament Square in convoy, he added.

Earlier this week, it was announced that more than 1,300 arts venues and organisations will each receive up to a £1 million share of a £257 million pot of Government funding.

The cash is part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund.

Our Scene bike protest
Our Scene bike protest

However earlier this month, the general secretary of the Musicians’ Union said the industry is facing an “extraordinary talent drain” unless the Government offers its workers more support.

Horace Trubridge told the Economic Affairs Committee that a stimulus package should be introduced to encourage workers to stay in the sector.