Paramedics describe bid to save life of nurse allegedly strangled by lover

Paramedics have described in court their attempts to save the life of a nurse who was allegedly strangled by her police officer lover.

Claire Parry suffered fatal injuries after she met with Pc Timothy Brehmer in a Dorset pub car park on May 9.

Salisbury Crown Court has heard that the 41-year-old defendant is accused of strangling her after she sent a message to his wife revealing their affair, which had lasted more than 10 years.

Paramedics told the court that they were called to the Horns Inn in Christchurch Road, West Parley, to the defendant who had suffered stab wounds from a penknife to his arm.

James Best, who was first at the scene, said he saw Brehmer but was called over by a man to Mrs Parry who was lying half out of the defendant’s Citroen car.

He said: “As I approached I saw a female laying half-in half-out of the Citroen.

“Her head was on the ground but her body was more in the car, her feet were in the driver’s footwell. It looked almost as if someone had fallen asleep leaning on the door and it had then been opened.

“She had fallen half out of the car with her face on the ground.

Timothy Brehmer's Citroen car
Timothy Brehmer's Citroen car

“She had blue lips and it was obvious to me she was not breathing. I checked her for a pulse. She did not have one.”

He said that his colleagues carried out chest compressions and added that he recognised Mrs Parry when he found her NHS ID card.

“I know Claire through the job because we used to socialise, but that was a long time ago.

“Knowing that other people at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital would know her, I contacted the ambulance liaison so they could put the plans in place.”

Colleague Thomas Hull said that he saw a red band mark across Mrs Parry’s throat and said he carried out chest compressions.

He said: “A few times we managed to get her back, it (her pulse) was very slow and it was very weak.

“We got her pulse back enough to consider moving her so we got her into the ambulance.”

Mrs Parry, 41, was taken to the Royal Bournemouth where she died the following day.

A post-mortem examination concluded the cause of death was a brain injury caused by compression of the neck.

Martin Brown, a police officer who attended the scene, said: “I looked at Tim and asked what had happened, he said: ‘I can’t remember,’ before crying hysterically.”

The jury was shown police body-worn video footage which shows Brehmer sitting in shorts with a top and with blood visible on his body.

He is seen sobbing and when asked what had happened, he says: “I have been having an affair for years, she was going to tell my wife, I am afraid I am going to lose my boy, so I met her here.

“She told my wife, I don’t remember the rest.”

Jurors were being shown the car on Wednesday after it was brought to the court car park for them to view.

Brehmer, of Hordle, Hampshire, who at the time of the incident was seconded to the National Police Air Service based at Bournemouth airport, denies murder but has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

The trial continues.