Arrivals from Italy, Sweden and Germany could face quarantine restrictions

Quarantine restrictions could be imposed on travellers arriving in the UK from Italy, Sweden and Germany later this week, new figures suggest.

The countries are among the few popular foreign holiday destinations which UK travellers can still visit without needing to isolate for 14 days when they return due to Covid-19.

But Italy is recording a seven-day rate of 58.3 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people.

Sweden and Germany have rates of 36.1 and 34.3 respectively.

Figures have been calculated by the PA news agency based on data collected by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

A rate of 20 is the threshold above which the UK Government considers triggering quarantine conditions.

But last week no countries lost their exemptions, amid a rise in UK cases.

The UK's case rate currently stands at 157.3.

Changes to the UK Government's list of destinations from which arrivals in England do not need to enter quarantine are usually announced every Thursday at 5pm, and implemented the following Saturday at 4am.

The devolved nations have their own exemption lists which are similar but not identical.