What the papers say – October 13

A new three-tier system of alert levels in England aimed at halting the spread of coronavirus leads many of Tuesday’s papers.

It comes as Boris Johnson said infection data was like “dashboard warnings in a passenger jet and we must act now”.

The Times writes that millions of people could face the toughest restrictions, with Mr Johnson urging local leaders to agree to “draconian lockdown measures”.

The Guardian says Mr Johnson’s plans face doubt and frustration as the country is split into three risk zones.

The Daily Telegraph leads with reports a circuit-breaker was at the top of a shortlist of coronavirus interventions recommended to the Government by expert advisers last month.

The Financial Times reports on the new measures, saying Mr Johnson is facing a “Tory backlash” over the proposals.

Metro leads with Liverpool being placed under “virtual lockdown”, while the i reports the Government is aiming to strike a balance between science and the economy.

The Daily Mirror opts for a pun in its front page headline – “it all ends in tiers”.

The Daily Mail reports the country’s chief medical officer said the “toughest clampdown” may not be enough, while the Daily Express reports Mr Johnson’s words that it would be “unforgivable” not to act now.

And the Daily Star mocks up a Snakes and Ladders board in its front page, saying the country is “back to square one”.