Paddy McGuinness’s Lamborghini crash shown on Top Gear

The moment Paddy McGuinness crashed behind the wheel of a red Lamborghini Diablo has been shown on Top Gear.

The TV star made headlines in June when he went off the wet road after skidding on oil.

In the show, he could be seen gripping the wheel as he lost control of the car before the camera went black.

The programme later showed him meeting fellow hosts Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris with the damaged car on the back of a lorry.

He said: “It was no more than 40 but it really surprised me how quickly it just goes from ‘Isn’t this lovely’ to…”

Before the crash, he could be heard saying: “It scares me as well this car, I like that.

“There is no power steering, nothing in a modern car that makes you feel comfortable.”

Explaining what happened to his fellow hosts, he said: “I’m gutted. It must have been a bit of oil on the road. It was just a little bit of a bend.

Flintoff told him: “Ambition is a great thing but you’ve got a temper it.”

Later in the show, McGuinness said: “Mine was in between a crash and a shunt, it was a crunt.

“I was genuinely gutted. Sorry to the owner, sorry to the insurance company for telling them it was you, Fred.”

The crash happened while the trio were celebrating the 200mph Club, when a handful of supercars exceeded 200mph in the 1980s and 90s.

The presenters each chose a car from that era – Harris a Ferrari F40, Flintoff a Jaguar XJ220 and McGuinness the Diablo.

The episode also saw the presenters face the “Wall Of Death” as they attempted circuits of the vertical face of the wall at Alexandra Palace, north London.

Top Gear continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 8pm on Sunday.