Subaru teases next-generation BRZ and confirms 2020 reveal

Subaru has teased the next generation of the BRZ coupe, confirming it will be revealed later this year.

In a tweet shared through Subaru USA, the firm showed a photo of the car’s front wheel, with part of the door and sill visible as well as a small vent in the wheel arch.

The BRZ is built in collaboration with Toyota, which has its own version named GT86 – though it will be renamed GR86 when the new version is released.

Very little is known about the new models, but they are likely to follow a similar ethos to the current version, which uses a light, rear-wheel-drive construction from Toyota with a Subaru-sourced ‘Boxer’ engine.

However, while the current model is naturally aspirated, there are rumours that the new version will be turbocharged. A dramatic increase in power over the current car’s 197bhp is unlikely though, because Toyota sells a 255bhp Supra in some markets around the world and would want breathing room between the two.

Subaru BRZ
Subaru BRZ

Alternatively, with Subaru hoping to reinvent its performance offerings by reviving the iconic WRX STI models, there’s a chance the Japanese firm could build a faster STI-branded BRZ to sit above the standard car.

The new Subaru BRZ is expected to be revealed later this year, with customer cars delivered next year.