What the papers say – October 4

Donald Trump’s condition in hospital with Covid-19 remains virtually the only story in town among the nation’s Sunday papers.

The Sunday Mirror says Mr Trump repeatedly asked if he was going to die when told of his positive test for coronavirus.

The Sunday Times goes on the treatment angle, detailing Mr Trump’s “gamble” on radical new drugs he hopes will beat the virus.

The Sunday Express examines conflicting reports about the 74-year-old’s condition, asking “Just how ill is President Trump?”

Fears are growing over Mr Trump’s health, while the US election is now in “chaos”, The Observer reports.

While The Sunday Telegraph goes on a similar downbeat path, saying Mr Trump had been given oxygen as his vital signs were causing concern.

The Independent sums up the range of mixed messages about the president’s condition under a headline of “Concern, confusion and Trump’s Covid”, while running a lead story saying Britain’s health care watchdog will target poorly performing NHS maternity units.

Elsewhere, the Daily Star Sunday splashes with a photo of Boris Johnson’s father Stanley, sitting in a crowded airport with his face mask lowered, and says he risked being fined.

And the Sunday People leads on a general who has called for the Duke of Sussex to return to the UK to “help your hero pals” from the military.