From Goldfinger and GoldenEye to gold bars celebrating James Bond


Gold and silver bullion bars celebrating James Bond have been put on sale by the Royal Mint.

The 007 emblem sits at the centre the bars, with the titles of the official Bond films in the background, including No Time To Die.

The bars are available on the Royal Mint’s website in one-ounce gold, one-ounce silver and 10-ounce silver versions.

The precious metals bars are priced in line with the fluctuating prices of silver and gold.

Depending on the prices at the time, they could range from around £30 for the silver one-ounce bar to around the £1,600 mark for the gold one-ounce bar.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint

Andrew Dickey, divisional director of precious metals division at the Royal Mint, said: “From Goldfinger to GoldenEye, gold has been featured heavily in the James Bond films, and we feel the popularity of the franchise, combined with the appeal of gold, will be a big hit with our customers.”

The launch of the James Bond precious metal bar follows on from a commemorative coin range that launched earlier this year, featuring three coin designs which, when placed together, reveal a 007 motif.