Elton John: John Lennon could have won Nobel Peace Prize

Sir Elton John has said John Lennon would probably have won the Nobel Peace Price if he had lived.

The singers became close friends in the 1970s and often played on each other’s records.

Lennon, who was murdered in 1980, made his last appearance on stage at Sir Elton’s 1974 show in New York.

Music – Elton John – 1971
Music – Elton John – 1971

Speaking to Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon, who is his godson, to mark what would have been the Beatle’s 80th birthday for a Radio 2 special, Sir Elton said: “I think if your dad had still been alive he would have definitely been, maybe won the Nobel Peace Prize or something.

“That was what your dad was, he wanted to bring people together. He was a uniter and he was prepared to go to any lengths to make people see what his point was.

“And, you know, a lot of people didn’t like it. And a lot of people like the FBI, they gave him a hard time, but it didn’t deter him whatsoever.

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— BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) October 2, 2020

“But I think when he had you, he mellowed a lot because I just think he relished spending the time with you that he probably hadn’t have done with his first boy, with Julian, and I can see that and I think it mellowed him a lot by being back with your mum and just having a family life.

“He was here, he went, but when he was here, he did so much good and he influenced and inspired so many people and he loved so many people. And I miss that.

“There aren’t many people around today with that kind of personality or strength of character. And, you know, we just wish he was here. And so obviously you do, we all do.”

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